Key Benefits of bathroom floor tiling

Having a clean and good looking bathroom is very significant in any home. Your bathroom is a place where you can to relax, and you want it be a comfortable and relaxing place. Decorating your bathroom is the key to achieving this kind of environment. One of the most vital aspects of the bathroom is using the right flooring. There are numerous types of flooring to choose from when you decide to decorate your bathroom. Floor tiling is often the most suitable.

Bathroom floor tile is loved by many people because of it durability, resistance to dampness and safety to walk on it when wet. If you decide to use tiles for your bathroom, go for a tile that has a slip-resistant surface. If you purchase unglazed tiles, you will need to wash them more often because they absorb stains very easily.

Here are some tips to help you choose the bathroom floor tile

If you want to use color floor tile for your bathroom, you can use a different color to the floor tiling and a different one on the walls, or create a border by alternating different colors.

When you use the same color tile for floor and walls, you can choose different tile size for walls and floor.

To give your bathroom an up-to-date look and style, use bright and bold colors with graphics or shapes, instead of plain tiles. Using bright colors will provide a modern looking bathroom.

If you want a Victorian or romantic look in your bathroom, you can go for soft colors such as pink, light green or blue.

Below are some of the main benefits that tiles have over other types of flooring in the bathroom.

1. Wide choice of tiles

One of the main advantages of bathroom floor tile is that there is a wide choice of tiles to choose from. Ceramic tiles are the best if you like a hard surface in your bathroom. In fact, it is the most common choice. You can also pick floor tiles that are non-slip which are very useful in the bathroom. You can also want your bathroom tiles to be unglazed and permeable to help absorb moisture.

Another choice is porcelain floor tiles. They are great if you want to attain an old fashioned look in your bathroom. There are numerous porcelain floor tiles in the market. They are also long lasting and good for bathroom area which encounters a lot of traffic.

Stone is the other preferred choice when looking for bathroom tiles. In fact, it is one of the most attractive tiles you can choose. It has a natural look, which is easily acceptable. This makes it very popular. You can also be guaranteed that it will last for a long time because it is unbelievably hard wearing.

2. Tiles are Long Lasting

Bathroom floor tiling is longer lasting than any other type of flooring. This means they can prove to be more cost effective over the years. While wooden or concrete floors are mostly affected by moisture, tiles do not lose their gloss. They can look beautiful for so many years.

3. Tiles are Easy to Clean

Another benefit of using floor tile is that they are easy to clean. This shows they hygienic than any other type of floor. You only need a soft brush and a cloth, and then you can clean the tiles with warm water. Remember bathrooms which are dumpy can cause germs and mold to spread. Therefore, keeping the bathroom floor is clean is as important as keeping other room clean. This can be made easier with floor tiles.

4. Floor tiles are Beautiful

Many people love how tiles look in their bathrooms. You can pick a number of different textures and designs in a huge selection of brands. Most people love the great selection at the great price. Depending on the d├ęcor of your bathroom, you can create a floor than improves the look and feel of the bathroom.


There are so many benefits of choosing tiles for your bathroom floor over other types of flooring. If you want a bathroom floor that stays clean, look hygienic and attractive, then you better go for tiles.

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